Tire-Squeeling dual-48V Phoenix Racers ... [Current Cycle Bikes]

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Tire-Squeeling dual-48V Phoenix Racers ... [Current Cycle Bikes]

... dunno if I posted to the proper sub-forum, but this is kinda like a e-bike without the chain/pedals :) Please move if there's a better place. Thanks!


Anyways, does anyone have any experience with this electric scooter or with the maker? The description says "dual-48 volt Phoenix Racer motors in scooter format. Current Cycle Bikes-built frame, 20” wheels." Please let us know. Thanks!

Scroll towards bottom of the webpage - there is a link to a video (supposedly of the scooter squeeling the tires as it accelerates!)

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Re: Tire-Squeeling dual-48V Phoenix Racers ... [Current Cycle Bi

Kinda cool. I would add some ground clearance, cut the front motor, and add a seat.

I bent my wheel, broke my trans, and blew my motor. Now I cry a lot.

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Re: Tire-Squeeling dual-48V Phoenix Racers ... [Current Cycle Bi

If you check out their blog this company is brand new. They've just finished the battery mount design and are going into production. I'm a bit disappointed that they chose to go with SLAs which will make the bikes rather heavy. Interestingly enough, this company seems to have no connection to Electric Rider also in Lawrence Kansas, although they do both share a predilection for Phoenix motors.

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