stealth 1000 12v battery recommendation

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stealth 1000 12v battery recommendation

:D I'm looking for a cheap new set of lead acid 12v batteries for my stealth 1000. I'm no battery geek by any means, so tell me this, What if I went to 12v, 11ah or 12v, 12ah batteries instead of the 12v, 10 ah batteries, that are in the plug and paly in scooter now? Would these put a strain on anything? Also, what is the significance of the(10ah/20hr)on the battery? is the 20hr important. Looking for knowledge... Thsnks, Halfasteddie

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Re: stealth 1000 12v battery recommendation

I decided to answer you in the handbooks...

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Re: stealth 1000 12v battery recommendation

If you choose to replace the OEM batteries with something different, be careful to check the size of the replacements compared to the originals. It's not like the batteries with more amp hours use "better" lead or "better" acid to get more power in the same size package. The batteries with more amp hours that will give you a longer run time (at the same level of performance) can do that because they are bigger. They probably will not fit in the existing battery compartment. You would then have to enlarge the battery compartment or put some of the batteries external to the compartment.

If you feel up to taking apart the oem battery pack and rebuilding it with new batteries, it seems to me that Gruber Power Services seems to have the best prices I've seen on compatible 12v 10ah batteries. They're at:
I've ordered some batteries from them, but haven't put them into service yet.

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