Washing/Cleaning Electric Scooter

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Washing/Cleaning Electric Scooter

I have a Lashout with PowerPack Motor upgrade. I ride it offroad a lot on some trails to the beach. It gets really dusty and sandy. I want to clean it from time to time so the grit and grime does not start to trash my baby. Any suggestions on how to do this without frying the motor and controller?

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Re: Washing/Cleaning Electric Scooter

Electrics really aren't as delicate as everyone seems to think. The motor will probably be fine, but I'd give it a run afterward to heat it up and get out whatever tiny bit of water might have gotten inside. Probably not really necessary, though.

The controller should be fairly watertight and in a place protected from water, but I'm not sure. Try not to get water on it and it should be okay.

Some people have reported problems with throttles getting wet and messed up, so try to keep that dry.

I'd try a wet towel. If you've driven it in the rain before without problems, or are confident in it's waterproofyness, then you might just hose it down.

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