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Turn Signal Help

I am having a problem figuring out why my turn signals do not function at all. I believe the relay is bad, however I have tried two 12v relays recently and had no luck. The voltage checks read approx 12.5 volts coming through the 3 pin connect to the relay. When I lay a wire across the green/black wire of the 3 pin connect (before the relay) I can get the right/left signals to come on, but not flash. The turn signal switch controls this fine. All bulbs light up at this time, so I know the bulbs are good.

The 12v relays pictured do not work. I can get the relay on the right to produce the repeating "click" sound of the turn signal as I move the turn signal switch accordingly, but the signals will not light up. It is a 3 terminal relay, looks like 2 in the picture. I don't believe this switch is thermal, supposed to be better I thought. I think the one on the left is thermal. Does it make a difference in EV's, or as it relates to a converter? The converter I am using was purchased with XM-2000 hardware, it is the one underneath the relays.

Anyone have any suggestions or obvious pieces of information I am missing?



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