Notebook batteries

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Notebook batteries

I have a Gateway laptop [M1670 if that matters], and I was using it one time in my car with one of those cigar lighter adapters. In hindsight, I think that the output of the adapter was not up to the full power of my notebook requirements, listed as about 3.5amps at 19 volts. In any event, there was a quiet little pop, and the screen went dead.
I have since found that a fresh new battery will power the notebook, but the notebook will not charge the battery. My question is is the BMS for the lithium ion cells generally within the battery proper, or is this handled usually by circuits in the laptop? My intention is to open up the battery and work out a charging routine for it. So my second question is to look for any suggestions on how to do this.
Also, is it likely that a component in the laptop that could be easily replaced might be looked at?

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Re: Notebook batteries

that pop would be a component in the power management section of your notebook failing.
there are two circumstances in which they tend to fail:
1) manufacturing flaw, and they fail all by themselves,
2) they have been pushed beyond their limits.

it is more likely your cigarette power supply was putting out too high a voltage, rather than too low.
another posssibility is that it just plain overheated.

in any case, can you establish if the original battery has indeed failed at all?
a notebook not charging either battery suggests a failure in the power handling section, where the notebook decides whether it wants to power itself from the mains or the battery, or whether it wants to charge the battery.
this is done independantly to the BMS.

if you are feeling up to it, you could open up the laptop and see if you can see any burn marks or other signs of specific component failure.
these components aren't really meant to be replaced, you may find any failed components are surface mount to the motherboard. very tricky to solder and desolder, even when you have a surface mount soldering setup.

id suggest making sure the original battery has actually failed before breaking it open.


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Re: Notebook batteries

The original battery, I think, completely discharged in the process. Adapter powering the notebook was not able to keep up with charging the battery. In any event, that battery may be good or not. I borrowed a replacement and found that it does not get charged, that being the reason I think the original battery may still be good. In any event, it seems that since I CAN power the notebook with a charged battery, I could get a new one and find some way to charge it independant of the notebook, perhaps even when I am using it. So taking the current battery apart is a first step. It would seem to me that if the BMS is in the battery, I could find where to apply whatever voltage to charge it.


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