Preventative maintenance on any EV?

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Preventative maintenance on any EV?

So is there some standard preventative maintenance that should be done to our bikes? I have done the usually check everything over, tire pressure, checking the lights but what about lubrication? I have noticed the front wheel doesn't seem to spin as freely as it did making only about 2 full revolutions before stopping where it used to spin about 4 full revolutions. That got me to thinking is there anything else I should be doing regularly.


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Re: Preventative maintenance on any EV?

1) tires - inspect for objects stuck in them. Check Air Pressure daily.
2) lights - all lights OK and turnsignals flash. brake light(s) work with ether front or rear brake lever.
3) brakes - pads OK? Brake lever travel OK?
4) battery charge indicator - charged up?
5) check body panels for loose screws
6) look under scooter for any wiring that might have come loose.
Motorcyclist use a T-CLOCK inspection process.

Robert Dudley
E-Scoot Tech

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