Can I use batteries with a higher AH rating?

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Can I use batteries with a higher AH rating?

I just bought an eGo electric bike. I want to know if it is safe to use batteries with a higher AH rating. The bike came with 2 x 12v 34 AH batteries. Can I upgrade to two 12v 50 AH?

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Re: Can I use batteries with a higher AH rating?

Yup. Might have a time fitting them, though.

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Re: Can I use batteries with a higher AH rating?

Keep in mind that your charger(s) will have to work a little harder and longer to fully charge a larger AH battery. Still not a problem, if your charger is not fan cooled, you may want add a small computer fan and/or a heat sink.
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Re: Can I use batteries with a higher AH rating?

While you certainly could use higher AH batteries, you'd be better off adding two more batteries to the existing set. put them on top of the deck. no cutting necessary and the stock charger will charge them. wire a plug onto the existing batteries and the new set, so you can easily remove them when unnecessary.

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Re: Can I use batteries with a higher AH rating?

Extra weight will make you slower, so you won't get as much more range as you may expect. The weight will make less difference if your ride is flat, on hills it may kill you enough to be the same as the smaller battery. Switching to Lifepo4 will cost big bucks, but the benifit is more dependable since that way you get a lot lighter with the same ah.

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Re: Can I use batteries with a higher AH rating?

So I take it you're running a 24V bike? What's wrong with 34AH? At the speeds you're probably cruising, it's likely it'll take at least 40 miles to drain them and at 15 mph, that's about 2 and 2/3 hours of continuous riding time. I probably couldn't handle riding that long.

But, yeah, it's possible. It comes at the expense of increased size and weight, though.

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