Dropped my 24V battery pack, hiss, smoke, no fire

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Dropped my 24V battery pack, hiss, smoke, no fire

I dropped the 24V LifePo battery pack I got from Cyclone Taiwan. It popped, hissed and smoked. Today I opened it and it seems only one cell out of the 16 is broken. Of the other cells, they all look OK, and with the multimeter, they all read 3.2V or 4.5V of the ones near the broken cell. Is there someone in the SF Bay Area, north Bay especially, who can replace the bad cells? I can describe in detail the rest of the story, but now I just want to get my bicycle back on the road. Thanks.


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Re: Dropped my 24V battery pack, hiss, smoke, no fire

Musta been shorting. A guy with a vespa conversion had a similar experience when the pack rubbed too long on metal. I wish these batteries came in 12v modules, so you could have some flexibility when stuff like this happens.

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