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New discussion tracking pages

Hi, I have been thinking for awhile that the traffic on V is For Voltage has grown the last few months and that it must be getting harder to keep up with everything. I know it is for me. To help with that let me offer some more focused recent-posting-tracking pages other than the 'Recent' link at top of the page.

Latest in Bicycles --
Latest in Scooters --
Latest in Other EV's --
Latest in EV Technology --
Latest in General Discussion --
Latest in Marketplace --
Latest in Handbooks --

Each, in addition to the page, exports an RSS feed for use with an RSS aggregator.

If these are deemed worthy they can be added to the main navigation.

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Re: New discussion tracking pages

David, just wanted to say thank you for your time and efforts around here. You are able to keep us on track (topic) - mostly - and really care about this forum and helping us with our EV questions and concerns.
Job well done!

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Re: New discussion tracking pages

Deemed worthy by me!

Be the pack leader.
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Re: New discussion tracking pages

Thank you David for trying to make V even better than it already is!

Things that would help me would be if those threads which took a sudden turn and therefore have a misleading title could be flagged or renamed.

And I'd like the "reads counter" back to help determine if blog, book and other forum options actually work, as in: do they get read?

Thanks again,

Mr. Mik

This information may be used entirely at your own risk.

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Re: New discussion tracking pages

Hi, y'all may have noticed something new at the top of the page.

I put links to those tracking pages into the top of the page. Added a few other things in as well. Hope y'all find it useful, and let me know how it looks to you.

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