Veloteq soon to use NiZN batteries from PowerGenix

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Veloteq soon to use NiZN batteries from PowerGenix

Veloteq (link link) is a "bicycle" distributor selling bicycles that look like scooters.. kinda the same form factor as the XB-nnn bikes. They're claiming to be high quality but I've never seen one and can't comment on that myself.

What's interesting is the battery choice. NiZN batteries had previously been sold by Evercel but that company ran into several problems and went out of business.

There's some prior discussion of PowerGenix on this site where a PowerGenix person clarified they are not related to Evercel. On PowerGenix's site they claim to have resolved the technical problems with earlier NiZN battery products, and they claim there is zero memory effect with their batteries.

The charging algorithm is the familiar CC/CV

They claim higher than NiMH energy density both in WH/KG and WH/Liter, plus a wider temperature range, etc.

The site currently describes only AA and Sub-C form factor cells.

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