What is this Planet worth?

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What is this Planet worth?

OK, now it's down to how much is going to cost me?

People are not going to give up there barbecued ribs over GW, now if it's cheaper to do nothing, why not? This article in the heraldsun says it all, Australia may decide to screw the planet to save a few bucks.


You know what's going to happen now? Politics, science... is going to follow the money, science and politics are already influenced by money, I just see it swinging the other way. Instead of getting huge (I hear it's in the billions) grants to study GW, the pressure will be to justify doing nothing.

Why would you want to downplay GW, to save billions upon billions of dollars doing something about it. Money is a extremely powerful in the way it can shape people. Even scientist offered grants are not immune. You just supply the scientist that are going to say GW is no big deal with plenty of grants and guess what, you end up with as many scientist that say GW is no big deal as you have grants too offer them.


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