Crystalyte e-bike won't go

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Crystalyte e-bike won't go

I have a Crystalyte 408 hub motor with a Journey CTPL-JNYF-LI36 Controller and 36v Li Battery.
My e-bike conversion kit has about 60 total miles on it. I experienced a problem with my e-bike on my ride home from work last night. On about the 10th mile of my ride, the drive wheel stopped turning and began to create resistance to my pedaling. I had checked the the power meter lights moments before this happened and only the high/green and power/red LEDs were lit. I turned the battery off, and then back on, and the LEDs did not light at all. I disconnected the battery and took the bike home. I fully charged the battery and reattached it to the bike. With the thumb throttle off, I turned on the battery. The bike slightly lunged forward and the red, green and yellow LED lit for about 1 second. After that, all LEDs were out and the bike did not respond to the actuation of the throttle.

Can you please help me to resolve this issue?

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