Walmart Schwinn Point Beach Project Bicycle

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Re: Walmart Schwinn Point Beach Project Bicycle

May, 2010 update:
3600 miles. Replaced a damaged front fork after hitting a curb. Replaced the front rim with a rim with brass eyelets. Replaced the rear rim after a spoke ripped out of the rim. Still running 25 watt hours per mile. Second 48 volt ping pack has had about 300 charge cycles.

Now have 3 electric bicycles. One of the other two is a rear wheel motor Amped Bikes model. This is installed on a US made mountain bike frame. Have had many spoke failures on this real wheel drive bicycle. 1500 plus miles on this, gained lots of experience changing spokes. I do not recommend rear wheel drive motors, at least if they are rather heavy. A geared rear wheel drive motor might be ok.

The third is on a Mongoose frame. Had to squeeze the front forks to fit in the motor. Used a vice and hammer to squeeze the front forks for the necessary clearance. This is a front wheel drive Golden motor. Only a few hundred miles on this, so not much to report to date. I can say that the Golden Motor controller gets very warm. It should be mounted where it gets good air circulation to keep it cool.

All three bikes are running 48 volts batteries and have about the same top speed and energy use.




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