Battery questions for Lashout Scooter.

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Battery questions for Lashout Scooter.

I have a Lashout Scooter that I upgraded with PowerPack Motor/Controller and added additional 12v 10ah battery to run at 36v. I primarily do a short 3 mile run. There is some uphill off road sections and 2 long gradual hills. I carry about 210lbs total with my weight and the stuff I bring along. I have only done this run about 5 times and my batteries are pretty much depleted.

I also do a short run of about 1/2 mile almost daily to p/u and d/o kids at school. I always charge the scooter no matter how long or short my rides. Am I asking to much of my batteries or doing something wrong? Thinking about LifePO4 but worried that they cannot handle load any suggestions are appreciated.

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