Buying a new charger

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Buying a new charger

Just checking to make 100% sure I don't do in my batteries....

My original charger has started humming when the battery is initially connected and stops after about 30-45 minutes of charging. The red/green charger indicator LED has never worked properly and will remain red until I unplug the battery and then reconnect it to check the charge level...

I have verified that the battery is charged with my DMM, and try to avoid charging for more than 8 hours as I never use more then 75% of the battery per charge... (24km travel per day to/from work).

I'm looking to upgrade and want to fix this charger issue before I go ahead with the purchase of 3 new SLA batteries and need to know if replacing my current 36VDC 1.8A charger with a 36VDC 3.0-4.0A charger with possible lessen the life of my batteries.


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Re: Buying a new charger

If you are using small sla's like 12 ah or so, It could be best to stick with a 2 amp charger. 4 amp will get the battery warmer. But it won't wreck em immediatley. Its up to you whether the shorter charge time is worth it. 6 amp or more would definitely be too much.

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Re: Buying a new charger

Just checking to make 100% sure I don't do in my batteries....

If that is really an honest statement, then don't get a 36v charger unless you also want to add battery balancers. Instead, get three 12v chargers, and hook one up to each battery.

Check the spec sheet of the batteries you are planning to buy for maximum charge rate. It is best to not exceed that. Other important factors:
Temperature of the environment
Are the batteries warm when you begin charging?
What type of charger will you be using? Any temperature compensation?

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