Chrysler, and I think I see the car I want

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Chrysler, and I think I see the car I want

Chrysler gets into electric car race

This is a rundown of some plug-in hybrid and full EV cars that were shown by Chrysler. These include an 'extended range EV' (I have a hard time with that term... they're more proper name is plug-in hybrid) version of the Jeep Wrangler and a minivan. Another car is a prototype sports car, pure battery EV, that gets 200+ miles per charge and 0-60 in 5 seconds. Tesla Chasing?

It's the Jeep that has my ears perked. I own a Chevy Tracker and it's clear what I really wanted was a Jeep but a) the Jeeps generally have horrible gas mileage whereas the Tracker gets 28 miles/gallon, b) at the time I had huge debts problems and could only afford the Tracker

But... I've got a concern like this...

One of the most damning things you'll notice in the cars above (except the "sports" model) is that these cars are huge and extremely heavy. Using lightweight materials is the biggest factor that has allowed Tesla to achieve relatively high efficiency with their all electric car. Jeeps are incredibly inefficient vehicles because of their drive train and overall weight, so how can we expect a practical electric vehicle on that platform. The US companies have to rethink their design process and design some new cars if they hope to compete with the new start ups; otherwise the battery range afforded by the Big 3 will continue to be dismal.

The traditional gas-burning Jeeps have horrible miles/gallon ratings and it's likely a plug-in hybrid version would also be lackluster.

It's said they're partnering with A123 systems.

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