HELP!!!!!!!!! My Asian EVT 168 wont ride

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HELP!!!!!!!!! My Asian EVT 168 wont ride

Ok, I have this Asian EVT 168 which I purchased used and it wasnt running so I purchased the 4 batteries and try to make it move, well when I turn the key the green light comes on but when I twist the accelerator a beep starts and wheel turns for about a second or two and it stops running. Can anyone help me with my dilema? I have changed the controller thinking it was that with another EVT 168 that I have for parts but it is doing the same thing. HELLLLLLPPPPP!!!! I really want to ride it if not I will have to sell it for parts as I will be doing with the other EVT 168.

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Re: HELP!!!!!!!!! My Asian EVT 168 wont ride

OK, first time poster.
I had a similar problem with an electric bike. Turned on, gave some throttle, tire would kick and then quit.
Turned out to be the terminals that connected the power to the hub-motor were loose on the pins of the hub motor.
Sounds like you might have similar condition. Try giving MINIMAL throttle with one hand, and moving power wires with other. Work your way back towards the hub motor. That's how I did it. Good luck

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