Year one and 3000 miles

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Year one and 3000 miles

Hi all

It has ben a good year I got my Vectrix Oct 2 2007 . ( The first one sold at the corp. store in Newport RI, USA )
It has done what I need it to do, 20 mile each way to work, at 55 mph + ,
But I Have a great time taking the side roads with all the twists and turns it runs Great .
I have gone 3000 miles . most of them late this summer . as I did not use it in the rain or cool at first .
Thanks to all who have posted here I am using it in all weather now . well I will avoid the snow.
as I have used it in rain and cool , it has done great .
In heavy rain the glove box dose get wet . so I do not keep much in there .

Happy riding , Herb

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Re: Year one and 3000 miles

Every day that I take the Vectrix to work, I save approximately $7 in fuel, so it has become a bit of an obsession with me to ride it whenever possible. Here in central Alabama, we have year round opportunities to ride, but many days are nasty or dangerous due to bad weather, so at the end of a year, if I have ridden my bike 125 to 150 days, I will have met my goals and will see the Vectrix actually pay for itself in 10 years. If I do fall short of that daily goal, I'll be happy knowing that for whatever time I spent on it, I wasn't burning gas was keeping my money at home.

I think in the past two months of ownership, I have run the bike 50 days. Shoot, I may make my first year goal before this calendar year is up! HAHA!! :-)

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Re: Year one and 3000 miles

I have had my Vectrix since mid-August 2008 and have just gone over 2,200 miles in that short time. I would expect to cover approximately 1,000 miles each month on my daily 25-mile each-way commute to work and back. My firm lets met charge up during the day so there is no problem with range. I normally arrive with some 16 miles left on the eastimated range meter. The 25-mile journey consists of 17 miles of dual carriageway (freeway to some) with the remaining 8 miles being town centre riding at each end. General speed on the dual carriageway is around 50mph, although I do burst up to 60mph for some stretches.

What is the most anyone has reportedly done on one of these so far?

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