Tubeless Tires and Rims

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New to the whole Extreme Electric bike world. Can you please tell me if these bikes can be fitted with tubeless tires? Will the stock rims accept them or is another rim required. The safety and general better quality offered by tubeless tires is worth the additional cost to me.

I have read in the "Vespa World" that the new tubeless tires and rims are the difference between a leak and a blow-out. One equals an accident and the other is simply an inconvenience.

These tires look interesting and appear to be tubeless and fit the XB-700Li


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Re: Tubeless Tires and Rims

Ive never owned a scooter, but for two years my only transportation was a Honda Rebel 2-cylinder 250, and as a result...

I highly recommend getting tubeless tires. Normally flats are from a nail or screw (suprisingly very few broken glass flats) and if its in a tubeless you can pull out the nail and the pocket flat repair kit works very well.

You ream the hole with the included tool and insert a tiny rubber mushroom that's dripping with glue. You can air-up immediately with a hand-pump or CO2 cartridge.

My flats were almost always on the rear tire and the tube would be sliced up when slowing with the nail in it. I had to replace the tube before airing up, no patching possible, so I carried a spare tube (not always in stock when you want to buy one). I have heard good things about green "Slime" (whether tube or tubeless) and also the kevlar tape between a tube and tire.

I also highly recommend (when shopping) getting a rear disc brake as opposed to the drum brake.

On a car the drum is separate and easily replaceable by the owner when it gets thin. Most "affordable" models of scooter have the drum cast as part of the rear wheel. If it ever needs replacing (admittedly rare) you have to order a whole new wheel. Replacing the pads or disc on the rear brake is much easier and worth an extra $100 of purchase price to me.

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