LED headlights and bulbs

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LED headlights and bulbs

I have a Lepton Oxygen. Is bubs are 12v. The turn signal bulb is just a 1156 and the tail light a dual 1157 for the break and tail lights.
My problem is I am looking for a LED replacement bulb for the head light.

It is a BA20D socket and it was 12v24w. I am have not found LED bulbs so I am now looking for LED clusters I can make into a head light. Since I can mount the clusters in the lense it will make it brighter.

Anyone with experience at this I am experienced at electronics I have just not found a source of DIY LED clusters that can take the shock of a scooter.

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Re: LED headlights and bulbs

Hi , Try ledwarehouse.com they have m16 bulbs soft lite and blue white bulbes , that are spot , 12v about 12w that equils 40w filliment bulbs LaTeR

thank GOD I wake up above ground !!!!

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Re: LED headlights and bulbs

er... maybe it's a temporary thing but that domain comes up with an error screen.

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Re: LED headlights and bulbs

Dear All ,

How are you ?
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LED bulb and auto lights manufacturer

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Re: LED headlights and bulbs

As in the above post, LED choices off-the-shelf have gotten much better.

If you are good with a soldering iron, go to:



Otherpower is about building a wind generator to power a battery pack when you live off-grid. LED's use much less power than filaments and CFL's, but LED's can be pricey and the selection may not be exactly what you want.

The site has a "Google search this site" only button, and there are several good posts with schematics and pics showing how to make any kind of LED light that you want.

E-S is the other good E-bike site, and they have the same type of posts about constructing a bike LED that will use up less of your battery pack.

Best of luck, and have fun...

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