a/c to d/c conversion

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a/c to d/c conversion

HI ,everyone out there. Gramps,here,just solved one top problem and ready to boggle my 60 year old mind again( wished I've done all these brain storming years ago but I am here now so).... Iam a pack rat, according to the little lady and I like saving things that maybe I can put to good use someday or the " you never know it may come handy" stuff. Anyway, after I tackled that last challenging job about my li'l scooter I came across with a garage door opener motor that I put aside when I replaced my son's with a new 3/4 hp. Now, the light bulb came on last night about how I can put that motor to use besides a bench grinder.( I was able to convert an old vacuum motor into a leaf blower or blowing dust off the garage floor instead of using water = savings). I need some input on how I can power this up using a 24V system. It's slow on rpm but torquey that I'm thinking of using it on my old bicycle without spending that much for a hub or e-engine. What I'm trying to do here is make use of what you got and V is for voltage forum is what got me surged up and like coming back with lot of interest and ideas once again. I am retired and partially disabled so this is the best therapy for me right now that I never knew existed, Thanks V is for voltage, I hope guys won't get tired of hearing from me especially if i come up with some odd ideas. gramps.

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Re: a/c to d/c conversion

Okay a long story to get to this... glad ya like the site.

garage door opener motor

This motor is most likely an AC 120v motor (assuming you live in the U.S.). They run differently than the 24v DC you intend to run it with. Maybe it'll work but it's most unlikely to be an optimal use for that motor.

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