"Low Amp Draw" Current Reduction Breakthrough????

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"Low Amp Draw" Current Reduction Breakthrough????

What up with this??? I have seen this guy before saying he can
revive junk batteries to better than new. Now he has this "Low Amp
Draw" Current Reduction Breakthrough. I don't know much about
electrical but I always thought that the amp=watts/volts formula was
a pretty hard and fast rule.
I went out to some YouTube stuff and they are also touting hh0
generators (they also call it "browns gas") to double gas mileage on
cars... hh0 = water in my book.
Is this another snake oil sales man giving the ev world a bad name?

here is the add on ev finder.
I've developed a way of reducing current from 400A to 70A on the
steep bridges of Metro Vancouver.
Check out these video clips, after our final changes...



With this breakthrough, an EV can go further, or use fewer batteries.
Just one of the breakthroughs of the Vancouver Gadgeteers.

Make us an offer. R o b M a t t h i e s 126 W.3rd St, #38682,N.
Vancouver, BC, V7M 3N1 (6 0 4 ) 5 1 2 - 9 5 6 7
backup tel 6 0 4 - 9 8 0 -7 1 9 7

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Re: "Low Amp Draw" Current Reduction Breakthrough????

I say it's BS he's even able to do 70kph on only 3kW (that's around what a bike would be using), on the FLAT, let alone uphill.

The author of this post isn't responsible for any injury, disability or dismemberment, death, financial loss, illness, addiction, hereditary disease, or any other undesirable consequence or general misfortune resulting from use of the "information" contai

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Re: "Low Amp Draw" Current Reduction Breakthrough????

Dunno what that guy is doin, as to the "HHO" generators, in theory it could help when used with gasoline because all it is doing is enriching your fuel air mixture with something that is more volatile and gives it more oxygen. It could be more beneficial to those in high-altitude conditions where the air has less oxygen. I have heard people saying their car feels like its driving at sea level with those attached. Sounds a little iffy but for the 20 bucks it would cost to give it a shot, could be worth it. I have no car right now or else I would try.

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Re: "Low Amp Draw" Current Reduction Breakthrough????

If he also sells browns gas generators do you even need to ask if it works?

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Re: "Low Amp Draw" Current Reduction Breakthrough????

I'm Rob Matthies, a Vancouver Gadgeteer. Yes, this Low Amp Draw breakthrough is real.

As far as you negative posters, I'd say: Be a man, and spend real time surfing, instead of posting negative guesswork. Also, if you had used Google Scholar before you posted, you would have known that Brown's Gas improves gasoline car's mileage.

There are too many posters in forums who post negative guesswork without any experience.

If you negative posters made more achievement that we did, I'd welcome their comments. However, I don't see negative posters who have won Inventor of the Year awards by magazines, or who have appeared in TV mini-documentaries, or who have been endorsed by mayors, MP's, MLA's, etc. Officials can be seen on our scooters in video clips on the 'net. A future Prime Minister of Canada is riding one of our Tap Water Scooters, in a photo. So, if you negative posters have done as much, then, you're welcome to criticize the technicalities of our seemingly-impossible inventions.

I often wonder if such people are simple paid hacks by the large corporations. We (those who worked on Brown's Gas) got harassed for our experiements -- check out the archived radio interview at Watercar Museum.


P.S. We also sell the information on Buysellcommunity.com with a money-back guarantee.

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