XB-700Li Top Speed???

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XB-700Li Top Speed???

Has anyone looked at the XB-700Li controller and determined how to disable the speed governor??? I'm not talking about the "Canada Plug", but the limiter that seems to be built into the controller itself. I would guess that a 48 volt bike with a 700 watt motor should be able to hit 30mph in stock form.

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Re: XB-700Li Top Speed???

Unfortunately, as I have learned over the last couple of months from others, the XB bikes use a DC motor that is rated in RPM per Volt, so at 48 volts, it will only run at the designed speed, no matter what you do to the controller. The only way to increase speed is to run a higher voltage, as many of us with XB-600s are doing. I am sure others will confirm what I am saying. You can modify the controller to accelerate quicker by using the shunt mod, but it won't go any faster. My XB-600 is currently running on 60 volts, and will go about 25-27 mph. You can probably bump the voltage up on your XB-700, but you will need an extra 12 volt battery with the same ampere hour rating, and an extra charger for the extra battery.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news,


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