Zinc-Air Open-Source battery project

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Zinc-Air Open-Source battery project

Zinc-Air Open-Source battery project in Swedish, many pictures though!

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Re: Zinc-Air Open-Source battery project

If you put that address into google, search then select translate you can understand most of it. And WOW, I've never even heard of that chemistry.

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Re: Zinc-Air Open-Source battery project

We don't hear about it much because the zinc (with one exception) needs to be regenerated outside of the vehicle. That means it would need a nationwide or at least regional infrastructure change, where zinc exchanges can be done at gas stations. Look at all the crap and delays going on with hydrogen, the US (or most nations for that matter) don't have it in them to implement such a change in any timely fashion.

The advantage of a battery where the core material needs to be exchanged is you can take long trips, just like how we can fill up at the gas station in a matter of minutes instead of taking hours to recharge.

But there is a company that is making rechargable zinc-air. If they pull it off that would be HUGE. It could obsolete lithium. Although there are probably drawbacks to that technology too. Still, imagine a battery that weighs half as much as lithium and is also cheaper. I don't care if it's a pain in the butt to manage, that would be awesome.

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