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Range Test

Hi everyone,
My intention for this topic is to have X-treme Scooter owners to share the maximum range they have gone without recharging their scooters. If you have never tried this than I would like you to try it. I would like to know the different ranges for different settings and such. I know some who have stock XB's, shunt mods, 60v, 72v mods. I know that some of these mods have different effects on the range. I hope that users will be able to cooperate with this, since I hope people have wondered the same question, "How far can this scooter go w/o a charge?" and another question that I've wondered is "I wonder if other owners can go the same distance as me?".

I hope you all can submit your input in the following form:

-model name:
-maximum range:
-mod description
-hills: y/n and how steep(apprxm)

Thanks in advance.

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