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EEStor reply letter

Are you going to sell a 1kw kit for pre-existing Ebikes?‏
From: Ryan Mayer (goldenwesttires [at]
Sent: Thu 10/16/08 10:52 PM
To: admin [at]
October 16th 2008

Light EVs

To whomever is in charge:

I'm a colege student who rides a home built brushless 24v 800w bike to school and back everyday, a round trip of 20 miles. I also ride it everywhere I can within my 30 mile range. Every 10 months or so I'm buying 2 new deep cycles at almost $100 each, I ride it a LOT. I've been looking into a alternative storage source and stumbled onto an article about EEStor and your company. I then read the entire wikipedia article and kept saying "WOW" out loud to myself. The 1kwh bike concept sounds freeking awesome!!! Though so many of us hardcore EVers out there have spent so much time and money on our bikes that we can't bring ourselves to replace them but would love to use the technology. Are you also going to sell a 1kwh kit consisting of the capacitor, charger and voltage regulator(regulator different depending on voltage needs) to the general public? If you are I will pay for it right now, just tell me where to send the dough and when to expect it at my doorstep. I'm more than happy to post this email along with yours on the EV forums I frequent to spread the word. For example and Thank you and keep up the good work!


Ryan Mayer

RE: Are you going to sell a 1kw kit for pre-existing Ebikes?‏
From: LightEVs Admin (admin [at]
Sent: Fri 10/17/08 3:59 PM
To: 'Ryan Mayer' (goldenwesttires [at]
We have been receiving an almost overwhelming response to our recent press release. For those of you who have questions, we hope you will understand if we don’t get back to you as soon as you would like. Also, please understand that we might not be at liberty to answer all of your questions about EEStor and their technology. Based on our investigation of EEStor’s progress, we saw, and continue to see, an outstanding opportunity. For the time being, we will be responding primarily to prospective business inquiries only. Thank you all for your great response, interest, and patience.

Light Electric Vehicles Company

P.s. Brief answer: LightEVs™ is anticipating having electric propulsion system kits available, and while your offer to send money now is appreciated, we will not be accepting any orders until we are offering specific products for sale. Thanks again for your supportive message.


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