End of Season Clearance Sale

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End of Season Clearance Sale

With the summer biking season winding down Pa Electrics has decided to have a sale on all current bike lines that we carry. These lines include Liberty Electric Bikes, X-treme, Electric tricycles, plus Rayos electric bikes. We have only two remaining Raptors left in stock, these bikes are no longer made and will turn into collector items. We have a few used Lee Iaccoca E-bikes on hand. Contact us for current pricing and availability on these bikes at www.paelectrics.com and we will get back to you. Christmas is just around the corner, or just start getting ready for next riding season. We will be adding eGo cycles, Bravo EVT scooters as well as some more higher speed electric scooters from Liberty and X-treme to our current product lines at our showroom shortly.

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