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eV - Poetry

The ballad of the EV

You don't hear my engine rumble
As I pull up next to you
And even as I pull away
You still don't have a clue

You think you need a lot of noise
To make you go real fast
But I have news for you, my friend:
You're only wasting gas.

The key to starting fast, my friend,
Is having torque to spare,
And Torque is what I have in spades,
And I also spare the air.

I leave you in my mirror, friend,
As you watch me pull away.
Because my car's Electric,
You lose the race today.

I pay dimes instead of dollars
To leave you in the past.
I make no noise, I leave no smog,
And I use no oil or gas.

My car can last a lifetime
As there's little to wear out.
Some batteries and a motor
Are what it's all about.

Solar panels make my power,
Not some foreign country schmo.
I don't send an army in
If my fuel is looking low.

Well, my friend, I'll leave you now:
I've another race to run.
I'll let you keep the lovely smog
Green in the setting sun.

I've got to show the ones who care
There's a better way to be,
That driving an electric car
Can keep us breathing free.

- Robert Stelling (mildly modified by Darell)

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Re: eV - Poetry

I can dig it.

"we must be the change we wish to see in the world"

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