Been out for a while, tales of a future containing performance kiddie bikes, took a test ride on a E-bike, and crashed it...

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Been out for a while, tales of a future containing performance kiddie bikes, took a test ride on a E-bike, and crashed it...

So, I've been off this forum for a while, but I'm going off to college soon to study transportation design, and I'm going to be focusing on Motorcycles, Scooters, Mopeds, and E-bikes. Anywho, the people on this forum tend to really know what they're talking about, which is good.

Now, I'm not sure where I'm going to school, but homefully somewhere warm. I still haven't made up my mind between a small gasoline motorcycle (Ninja 250), a motorized bike using a happy times 2 stroke, or an E-bike...Knowing me I'll probably go for the Ninja, but I have had a brilliant idea after messing around with a kiddie bike...

See, the kiddie bike had the standard ape-hanger handlebars, but they were on a hinge, and they kept falling down so they were right near the top of the wheel, and you had to crouch down like a Moto GP was pretty spectacular. I took the thing down a hill afew times and braced my feet agains the nuts holding the back wheel on...which gave me an idea....performance kiddiebike racing. This would be an absolutely brilliant sport. Like put footpegs on the rear axle, ware knee pucks, ect... It would be fantastic.

Oh, and one of my friend's had an Ebike yesterday. It was 24 volts, not sure what the watts were, but it couldn't have been more than 1/4 horsepower, because my friend could outrun it on his BMX bike on the straits if I didn't pedal. Anywho I decided to race him with the Ebike (but not pedaling, to make things fair). Basically I was faster off the line, but he cought up on the long straits, I was better in the corners too because I could apply throttle to right myself and make corections. Anyways after a long strait I was determined to overtake him in the corner and I aimed for a very fast line...that happenended to be right where I was. Anyways, I aplied breaks, lost traction, and skidded out. Perfectly fine though, I got back up and overtook him later.

Anyways, My first experience riding an E-bike tells me these things:
1- More power is key. I want at least 10 times the power that thing had for around the town riding.
2- More grip. A BMX bike would make a much better basis with it's nice fat tires
3- Lower center of gravity. Again, a BMX bike would make a nice basis.
4- I need to ware a helmet...Luckily I didn't bust me head, but has a hooligan and idiot I should probably protect my cranium.

Anyways, it's good to be back, if anyone else thinks performance kiddie bike racing is a good idea, let me know.

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