V is for Voltage Policy change (please read)

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V is for Voltage Policy change (please read)

The Moderation team on V is for Voltage has seen the need to clarify part of the Forum Policies. With that in mind we have made a change to policy number 7 which now reads as follows;

7. Community members may not use V is for Voltage Forums for personal conflicts, or to contact vendors/dealers in open forums. However as long as the member voices the facts they may describe negative experiences with vendors/dealers to inform our members. Please be honest, just the facts without name calling or foul language. We also encourage members to post positive experiences with vendors as well.

Thanks to all our members for their continued support of V is for Voltage and all the great reports and information they have placed on the forum good and bad. Please continue to share with us all and help inform our members. This will also help the vendors/dealers know what we all want, affordable, reliable, green transportation, along with some speed and range.

Chas S.

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