8x2 wheels with disc brakes?

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8x2 wheels with disc brakes?

I'm willing to buy one or make one. Does anyone know where one can get an 8x2 wheel(the tire is 8"x2" - The rim itself is probably 4-1/4") with a disc brake or get a "disc brake metal sheet" and cut out the design that I could adapt to my existing wheel screws(It's four screws and they're used to keep the wheel together being a "split rim".) or maybe I could make an adapter for an existing small rotor to attach to my current screws. Or there any particularly suitable aluminum rims for such a project? The right side should contain a way to attach a sprocket(I'm looking at getting an 80-tooth sprocket.) and the left side having some screw holes, or something, such that I could attach a rotor in someway. Or they could possibly both be on the left side... I think... :? The mounting arms for the wheel itself is about 5" inches wide.

I'm basically looking for a way to convert the back band brakes on my Viza Volt to something a bit more functional in wet weather, and I'm willing to change out the back wheelset if need be. I'm also trying to get as close to an 10:1 gear ratio as possible, so an 80-tooth wheel sprocket with an 11-tooth motor sprocket would get me close to that ideal. I'm currently changing out the motor and the chain/belt choice is upto decide(the current gear ratio is 4.6:1(close to that) with a belt, and it'd seem to be a sucky hill-climber with massive heat generation with a 200Kv, .4 ohm motor according to the vehicle simulator I developed.)

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