Nissan: batteries to be leased

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Nissan: batteries to be leased

Nissan electric car will require batteries to be leased.


Previously we reported on Nissan's electric car, which it plans to release in several markets in 2010 followed by global roll out in 2012. But the expensive nature of the battery technology means that Nissan will be selling its electric cars without batteries - requiring the consumer to lease the battery from Nissan.

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Re: Nissan: batteries to be leased

I believe this is a good thing!

One of the things that makes wealthy prospective EV "early adopters" uneasy, is buying an EV, and then in 5-7 years, whether you're keeping it or trying to sell it, the battery replacement cost is prohibitive.

Knowing that whether you're keeping it or selling it, a monthly battery leasing fee will cover the battery replacement (when that moment arrives) will alleviate one major concern that prospective purchasers have expressed.

There are other nervous car-makers closely watching the publics reaction to this option.

Its easy to throw out conspiracy theories about EV's being killed, but the Honda Accord hybrid and Impact hybrid were both cancelled due to lack of sales. A company can't survive if it keeps making multi-billion-dollar mistakes like that.

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