X-Treme X360 + hill= walking 1 mile HELP!

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X-Treme X360 + hill= walking 1 mile HELP!

Long story short: I just bought a used X-treme X360 and it does make the 14 mile round trip trek back and forth to work.. kind of. The last 4 miles are a gentle uphill climb totaling around 100ft. With about 1 mile to go I'm going so slow it's faster for me to walk/push the scooter. What can I do?

I'm new to the EV world but not clueless. Also the dream is to convert my VW Cabriolet (currently sitting in my driveway with a trashed clutch) into an EV.


PS I live on Maui so shipping/availability is a HUGE problem but cold weather is not.

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Re: X-Treme X360 + hill= walking 1 mile HELP!

I would say that scooter is performing about as well as can be expected. 14 miles is really pretty good for a scooter with that size battery pack (432 whr total).

So all the standard advice is still helpful. Keep the tires inflated to their max, check and make sure the brakes aren't dragging, make sure the chain isn't over tight, minimize starts and stops, give it a push when starting, coast as much as possible.

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Re: X-Treme X360 + hill= walking 1 mile HELP!

I agree with Old_Scoot and would add you are possibly discharging your batteries too far. I would add more batteries to increase amp hours.


You could get a small set of 7AH batteries and run them in parallel with the larger set already on the 360 to get better distance and not discharge your batteries so far. Discharging too far can damage your battery pack.

Grandpa Chas S.

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