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Anniversary time

We passed through 2 years of this site's existence a couple days ago. See this posting for a little glimpse into how far we've come

2 years ago (the old site) had been recently hacked and the administrator of that site was incommunicado. So a gang of us developed this site as a replacement.

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Re: Anniversary time

Thanks again, David. To you, Chas, DaveW, (and everyone else I'm forgetting) for your time and efforts. This site has been an inspiration for me, and I am certain that thousands have read posts here without posting themselves.

I promote VisforV every chance I get (2 days ago wrote link down for cashier at Home Depot!, today linked it to poster on Craigs List alt/energy forum)

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Re: Anniversary time

I had my 1-year anniversary of membership four weeks ago. Interesting...

(+1 on the previous post.)

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