Installing Givi E470 Rear Storage on XM3500

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Installing Givi E470 Rear Storage on XM3500

Hi Guys, well this is my first attempt at a post, I hope it works and that it will be informative. I bought my Givi E470 at Helmet Head and paid $198 plus shipping. If I am going to use this scooter for regular transportation then I am going to need storage space for shopping and errands. The E 470 has the largest storage space(45liters) with the monolock system(this means that I can take off the whole box with the twist of a key) which is very handy.

The first picture shows that I removed the 3 screws that holds the luggage rack. With the luggage rack free I could install all 4 of the bolt holders without any hindrance.

The second picture is the way I chose to align the Givi Universal Plate on the bottom of the luggage rack. This way worked very well. I had to tighten each bolt and then look at the rack from the side to see if the Universal Plate was still aligned properly with the stock luggage rack. So that when fully assembled and on the scooter the storage box is not leaning and is even.

The third picture is the top of the luggage rack and how I had to drill a large hole in the plastic of the Givi Universal Plate so that
I could screw the luggage rack back onto the scooter. I had to drill it out about 5/8" so that the head of the bolt would drop through and
the socket would fit in to tighten it.

The fourth picture is of the luggage rack installed and bolted in. NOTE that I had to install 4pcs 1/4 thick rubber bumpers(furniture/tabletop)ontop of the stock Givi bumpers so that the storage box did not bounce. I am pointing to the bolt head that I had to drill out the plastic in order to drop it in to the frame.

The fifth picture is the Givi solid top screwed on to finish the look, NOTE the 2 screws are really really small! Now the Givi E470 can be dropped into the monolock system.

All Done!

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Re: Installing Givi E470 Rear Storage on XM3500

Thanks, those are great instructions. I may try something like this myself. If you load it up with groceries does it affect the balance and handling of the bike?

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Re: Installing Givi E470 Rear Storage on XM3500

Hey Guy, I did not notice that the balance was off by much, they tell you not to put more than 3kg(s) in it but that is not going to stop me from filling it up. I will load it with whatever I can fit in it including my weekly errand to my broker(I WISH!) to pick up gold bullion! M


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Re: Installing Givi E470 Rear Storage on XM3500

I installed a 450 on mine and had to drill the same hole for the bolt. (I also got the wiring kit for it, since having an extra brake light up high will help with visibility, i think, and since it just uses 4 LEDs it won't be much of a drain at all). I was not able to center it properly (and not affect my ability to open the seat) with all 4 bolts, though. I believe I used only 3, but used several zip ties to make sure everything was down tight.

In my case I normally carry my laptop and I've also carried lunch items, like soup cans, microwaveable stuff and such, in mine for the commute to the office. It has no real affect on balance when loaded up or anything, though. I think tit works just great and adds a good amount of space for all the little extras that greatly increases my ability to take the scoot instead of my car of lots of little errands.

I didn't even think about posting the install process, though. Great idea!

EDIT: Also, the idea about the little rubber feet for furniture is a good one. I think that locking the plate down tight gives it a slight bend, following the curvature of the tail rack, so adding in that little bit of spacing might help stabilize it all a little more when the luggage bin is in place. I might have to look closer at doing something like that.

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Re: Installing Givi E470 Rear Storage on XM3500

I have the Givi E470 installed (was able to do it without removing the rack but it was not easy) and got all 4 bolts. I have had it on there since September and even had 20lbs in it and have not had an issue (you notice it with the 20lbs, but it is not an issue). I also got the extra stop light accessory and it helps for braking visibility.

P.S. You can also throw your helmet in there so is great when you get to your destination!

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