**NEW** - XM-5000Li Coming in 3 weeks...

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**NEW** - XM-5000Li Coming in 3 weeks...

Hi All,

I just heard this from the owner of X-Treme. There's a new XM bike coming! And, it's already on the boat - should be in Seattle in 7 days, and available for sale in 3 weeks.

Here's the few stats I have that were reported to me (i.e. I've not confirmed these yet, and like you I also have other questions):

Top Speed: 60MPH - as measured by GPS
Batteries: 60Ah Thundersky Cells
Range: 90 miles at low cruising speed (yeah, I know "low cruising speed" could mean anything - I'll be tracking down more info on this)
Controller: new controller design - not available on any other bike
Bike Style/Chassis: Same as XM-3500 (which is same as EVD)
Colors: Blue, Black & Red
Availability: Week of December 15th
Price: TBD (likely in the $6000 to $7000 range - rest assured that revevllc.com will sell at the lowest allowable price)

AFAIK there's no BMS on this bike but it will have the same 2 year battery warranty as the XM-3500Li.

Also, there are at least two other new bikes in the XM range that are being worked on. I know that X-Treme doesn't have the best reputation with some folks out there - but think about this: they offer a wide range of electric bikes and they've continually improved their offerings. Personally, I think X-Treme deserves much kudos for this!

If you're interested in pre-ordering one drop me a line via the contact form on my website. (I don't have enough details to create an order page yet).

All the best,
John H.

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