Delivering mail goes electric with T3 vehicle

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Delivering mail goes electric with T3 vehicle

Delivering mail goes electric with T3 vehicle

T3 motion systems ( has designed a very utilitarian three wheeled scooter. The above article discusses a trial going on with the U.S. Post Office where it's being used for mail delivery. "Mail", you know, that quaint paper stuff that uniformed men drop almost every day.

The company is clearly positioning this for governments, industry, security forces, etc, and not the you and me who'd maybe want to use this for grocery shopping.

Speed Range: User-Selectable -- 5 mph, 8 mph, 10 mph, 12 mph or Maximum [Chain Drive] Up to 25 mph (Special Order Only)

Cargo Capacity: 450 pounds (rider + equipment)

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Re: Delivering mail goes electric with T3 vehicle

...A new Australian designed electric scooter is about to set a new standard in mail delivery, and revolutionise the humble scooter...

Information at this point is guarded, but we do know it's got three wheels, and runs on Lithium Ion Batteries...and makes the T3 look like something from the Flintstones...

More to be posted as detail emerge.

Poppa Wheelie.

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