Throttle Issue - 48v Panterra Freedom electric scooter

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Throttle Issue - 48v Panterra Freedom electric scooter

Hello everyone at VV. This is my first post and need a little help or just point me in the right direction where I can figure this out. I am a newb to electrics and appreciate any help.

I bought a Panterra Freedom 750watt (brushless) 48volt scooter recently. The throttle is broken yet when I turn the key on it starts to move (usually at a slow speed). If I switch the key off then on while moving, it will jump to higher speed until it maxes out at around 30mph. To stop I would just turn the key off and cut the power.

So i purchased a new throttle on eBay which looked exactly like the one it had before except I overlooked the colors of the three wires going into the connector end. The broken throttle had wires colored red, green, black. The new one has black, red, white. -it is a hall-effect throttle. So I cut the new throttle wires and connected them in the same order with white connected to green.

When I turn the key on and twist the throttle, the motor spins and STAYS at that speed. It will not accelerate any higher than how far I have quickly twisted to and will not decelerate. Wrong throttle or possible controller problem?
New throttle wires connected in order from left to right- black, white, red - disregard colors of middle wires
old throttle with green wire and new throttle connector on right

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Re: Throttle Issue - 48v Panterra Freedom electric scooter

Yes I would replace the controller. Also search for bare and exposed wires, or a short with the motor wire. Use a volt meter on continuity test to see if the red wire has a connection to the white/green wire, when the throttle is not twisted. Or measure the voltage between the white/green wire and the ground/black wire to make sure there is no signal when it is not twisted. If there is a short and the red wire touches the white/green, it would make the controller think the throttle is twisted when it really isn't. The white/green should be 0V, and increase when you twist the throttle.

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