Combine SLA and Lifepo4 ??

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Combine SLA and Lifepo4 ??

Been thinking of adding 4 each PSI cells (1P4S)in parallel with each of my 6, 35 ah AGMS (total 24 PSI's). Thought is they would help with the heavy current needs under accelleration and add 10 more ah. During cruise the AGMS would charge the PSI's to keep balance. I would charge them both with my 3, 24v on board SLA chargers, so the PSI's would be slightly undercharged and balanced to the AGM's. Also the BMS would be set at 2.5 volts per cell (10 volts total per 12 volt AGM which is were my Kelly is set now). Any one experiment with this?

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Re: Combine SLA and Lifepo4 ??

You might want to read through this short thread for some insight.


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