No 07s in Alabama or Colorado!

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No 07s in Alabama or Colorado!

Just wanted to set up a thread header to warn anyone considering purchasing a new or used 2007 model Vectrix, that they are not registerable in the states of Alabama and Colorado. 2008 models are fine, but the VIN scheme of the 2007 models is not up to code and these two states will not allow an override of the VIN code system.

Thanks to tremendous efforts from VectrixUSA and my dealer Kent at Florida Motorsports, I was allowed to trade in my much loved 2007 model for an 08 model bike, just to satisfy my state's boneheaded DMV department. I can't thank the guys at Vectrix or my dealership enough for their concern, efforts to resolve the issue, constant communication with me, and hasslefree exchange of bikes with minimal effort and expense to me!

My 07 was completely issue free from day one, and I expect nothing less from this one. Now, I'll go down town and see if I can shove THIS VIN down somebody's throat! HAHA!! :-)

Surrounding area dealers are now aware that 07 VINS can't be sold for use in these two states, but the used bike market doesn't have that kind of information available, so if anyone out there is considering purchasing or bringing an 07 bike into these states, be warned, you won't be as lucky as I was!

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