problem with bionx pl 350 battery

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problem with bionx pl 350 battery

I bought a pl 350 kit with a li-mn 36v battery back in August this year. I have be happy with the product this year until last week. The problems that I am having now is that the battery one time every 20- 60 minutes when it is turned on sitting in my apartment. Also if I charge the battery the charger never turns off (and i never get a green light on the charger like I did before) now when the battery reaches full and reads 41.9 volts. I went to the bike shop that I bought the bike from and the told new that they had no clue.

The bike seems to ride ok but I am not getting the distance that I was getting in the warmer month out of a charge (only about 22 kms on level 4)

Anyway I don't want to wreck the battery. I would like to get the battery to stop beeping and get the charger to turn off and the green light to on when fully charged.

What should I do?

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