is a cs-600s a xb-600?

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is a cs-600s a xb-600?

Hello just purchased a cs-600s and noticed it looks like the xb-600. was just wondering if they are the same since i cant find any post for it and want to make some mods on it to make it go faster=] Also is there anybody here that put stiffer shocks on there scooter? I weigh around 280-290 and 6', pulls me pretty good but when i go up my drive way or speed bumps it scrapes on the bottum. oh heres a link where i bought my scooter so u can compare and tell me if its the same or not, thanks.

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Re: is a cs-600s a xb-600?


Well, it certainly looks similar. The major differences I notice are that you have a disk brake in the front instead of the drum brake of the XB600, and it looks like the wheels are different. Their ad says they are 16 inch, but they look beefier than the XB600 wheels. Oh, one more thing, it doesn't appear to have peddles, so it isn't a bicycle, it is a scooter or moped, which will likely require an motorcycle license.

It could have the same controller though, so it may be "upgradable" in the same manner as the XB600.

Looks like a great ride, i hope you enjoy it,


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Re: is a cs-600s a xb-600?

Just think of it as the next model year. The base specs are pretty much the same, but there are many many small functional feature changes.
+ Rear hub motor housing is larger diameter. The motor may actually be of a higher wattage rating than 600w.
+ The disc brake is highly preferable to the original tiny drum brake which barely had any stopping power.
+ The tire width has been increased to 3.25" as opposed to 3.00"
+ Added Odometer
+ I can tell that the frame is quite a bit different in certain places. Wouldn't know to what extent unless I took one apart, but apparently removing the bike axles wasn't the only change.
+ Discerning eyes will note that this is indicated at being 5 inches longer than the XB-600.
+ Seat bucket is molded quite a bit differently from the one I bought and should be more durable. Seems to attach to the frame at more points than previously.
Presumably includes the bottom hatch for accessing the controller without having to take the seat and rear fairings off.

With that odometer in place I would be very interested to find out if this updated model uses an actual speed-cup type speedometer rather than a power consumption based speed-guesstimation-o-meter.

They offer the same model with a higher rating motor, batteries, and controller for $400 more.

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