Where to get motor parts(armature) or new motor

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Where to get motor parts(armature) or new motor

Hello, I am a service technician at Verdegoh electric vehicles sales and service, I am new to the industry but have a strong background in electronics. I need your help.
I have a customer that is a friend that has an evt 4000 that he had serviced at a honda dealer. He asked if they could clean the dust out of the motor from brush wear. when he picked up the bike it had no power range and motor gets hot very quickly. so I took the motor apart and instantly could see where they used a screwdriver to pry the cover off the motor and pried against the armature and shorted it out.long story short I need to find a replacement motor or armature. ANYhelp is greatly appreciated! thanks

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Re: Where to get motor parts(armature) or new motor

AAARGH!!! If the people at that place had bothered to google "clean EVT hub motor" or anything like that they would have found the page I wrote several years ago that makes it very clear how to do this:


There is no need for them to have opened the motor that way. Gear pullers as I show work much better for the purpose.

Anyway.. I know of two or three places to get a replacement EVT hub motor.




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