EVPST---high performance LiFePO4 EV battery system

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EVPST---high performance LiFePO4 EV battery system

Atten.:Sirs or madam who may concerned,

How are you doing?

I would like to introduce our company as a professional manufacturer and exporter of Li-ion battery with more than 8-year industrial experience.

I am Mike.zzf, a sale specialist from EVPST COM.

Our company is specializing in Li-ion battery research, development and manufacture, covering an area of 20,000 square meters, EVPST is one of the best Lithium-ion battery manufacture companies with the large capital investment and most-advance technology in China.

EVPST attaches great importance to scientific innovation, has succeeded in possessing 12 invention & utility patents and applying for another 10 more scientific patents.

The products cover four series including Lithium-ion battery, Polymer li-ion battery, Prismatic li-ion, Cylindrical battery (all with high quality export materials including LiFePo4, LiCoO2, LiMn2O4),over 3000 king of batteries in different specification.

The more than 100 types of lithium ion cores covering four series of, Prismatic, Polymer, and High Capacity Li-ion battery have been successfully put into market. Voltage of the power battery is from 3.2V~3.65V and the capacity is range from 7Ah to 120Ah(LiFePo4 7Ah ,8Ah,9Ah,10Ah,12Ah,15Ah (1500cycles with DOD at 60% ),20Ah,40Ah,55Ah,60Ah,80Ah,120Ah with 1500cycles 80%DOD ). They have been now widely used in the fields of IT,EV ,E-BIKE,POWER TOOLS etc. It becomes the top company in its field for the battery's high power, nice safety guarantee, reasonable price and quality after sale service.

We can supply you with whole solution including LiFePO4 battery packs and BMS with cell-balancing.

We also have 3.2v10Ah prismatic cell, which with 10C continuous discharging current and 30C pulse discharging current.

I do belief that the performance and profit of your products will be improved greatly with our Li-ion battery.

For more details of the products you can visit our website:


Or Tel: 020-85442897 Fax: 020-37300368

Skype: Mike.zzf

msn:xiaozheng_06 [at] hotmail.com

e-mail:micheal.cen [at] gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience

Best regards

Yours Sincerely


Sales Engineer


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