Sunl SLE-510 Electric Scooter

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Sunl SLE-510 Electric Scooter

OK everyone. I got this brand new Sunl electric scooter and it's a little Chineese model that the dealer marketed as a Zappy 500. Any way, I have it now and plan on making it cool looking and all that junk but I found a lot of bad publicity about Sunl on line and was wondering what everyones ideas were to one, upgrade the scooter as it breaks and two, just ideas in general that I might try to customise it. Any ideas would be well entertained. So far I think I'm going for a Ferrari theme. The scooter is as follows, Sunl SLE-510 2008 model, battery-12Vx2, 480W, 24V 1.6A, SPEED 20KM/H, DRUM BRAKE,TIRE 12.5" X 2.5", It's red and I will post pics as soon as I can take them. Like I said, whatever suggestions would be welcomed and any other info on Sunl would be nice too. Have a nice holliday everyone!

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