Zapino fast charger improvement

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Zapino fast charger improvement

I found this charger:

My question is woudl it work to buy 5 of these and hook each of them up to one battery then have the wall plugs go into a mutiple plug surge protector. Is this safe? I am thinking since these chargers are 10 amps it would be a great improment in charging time. Thoughts please?

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Re: Zapino fast charger improvement

This was kicked around a lot in the Batteries and Chargers Forum some time ago.
There are a lot of threads, look for the ones referring to Bank Charging and
Simplfied Bank Charging.

I use 5 of the 2/4/6 amp chargers for my Zapino. It is wired for Bank Charging
and PakTrakr. The chargers plug into the scooter via a molex connector. And I
have a multiple outlet timer to turn them on/off.

I carry the string charger with me but have only used it once.

Robert Dudley
E-Scoot Tech

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