Zapino speedometer

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Zapino speedometer

I am having problems with my speedometer on my Zapino. The cable are connected on both ends but the speedometer is suddenly not accurate. For example when I am going top speed 40mph or so it is only showing 25mph. Any ideas what could be the problem?

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Re: Zapino speedometer

Try unscrewing the cable and quirting WD40 or some other lubricant down the cable casing. This will require removing the body panel around the headlight.

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Re: Zapino speedometer

The connections at each end are the housing. The cable is inside. I recently repaired a Zapino that the cable was broken a few inches from the lower end. The 1st Gen Zapino had a cable retainer that caused a sharp bend in the housing. The 2nd Gen Zapino has the cable retainer higher up so has a more gentle bend. I also worked on one that at the drive asm at the wheel, the pin had come loose that is suppposed to hold the fitting into the housing that the cable housing screws onto. This allowed the fitting to slide out and disengage from the drive asm.

Remove the lower end of the housing and pull the cable all the way out. If it is not damaged, clean it with a rag a try speedometer cable lubricant available at Auto Parts Stores. Do not lube the last six inches near the speedometer.

To reinstall, just slide the cable back into the housing from the bottom and when you get it almost all the way in, rotate the cable to engage the speedometer. Actually, you would lube the cable as you slide it into the housing, less messy that way.

Robert Dudley
E-Scoot Tech

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