XM-3500li Automatic Transmission

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XM-3500li Automatic Transmission

Is there an "automatic transmission"?
I have not seen it discussed.

Is it real, or is it just another "feature" like the BMS?

What does it do, what causes it to "shift",
and how well does it work?

What ratios does it provide?

If it is really there, and is stuck in "low",
is that the reason for some of the reported low maximum speeds?

It is supposed to be there in the new XM-5000li also.
Thanks, Gary.

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Re: XM-3500li Automatic Transmission

If you mean the first 3500 batch from the Fall; no tranny, just the two-position speed range switch labeled 0 & 1 on the right handlebar.
I'm assuming it's enabling/disabling a limiter in the controller ??
Low range gets you to 25mph with reduced acceleration, other position gets you faster with more accel.
Consider it a "conservation mode" switch.
I use the low range with stop and go as the high range can be a little jerky from dead stop.

I forget, did the specs list "automatic transmission" ?


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Re: XM-3500li Automatic Transmission

The discriptions (not the specs) say "built in automatic transmission" and "2 speed automatic transmission" at the x-tremescooters.com site (that is the importer, right?).

Sounds like there is no transmission, but rather just a mode limiting of the controller's output current, set by the switch that you mentioned.

Not a two-speed transmission at all!

Thanks, Gary.

Cheers, Gary
XM-5000Li, wired for cell voltage measuring and logging.

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Re: XM-3500li Automatic Transmission

Yeah, there's no real transmission because there are no gears to change. Just the limiter switch. IMHO, that's a GOOD thing because you don't have to worry about the extra moving parts that a transmission system would imply. A lot less maintenance and one less thing to worry about.

Lenny Zimmermann
Metairie, LA

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