How to removing the speed restriction EVT 168

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How to removing the speed restriction EVT 168


In the Netherlands (Europe) we have a speedrestriction for two kinds of scooters.

Restricted at 25 & 45 kph

I own the EVT 168 25 kph implementation and in some situations it will be savier, when I can speedup a bit.

How do I remove the speed restriction?
Do I need software with equipment? Or can I do with some hardwarechanges? :?


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Re: How to removing the speed restriction EVT 168


I didn't know there was 25km/h restricted versions. I think your best option is to look for a new/used controler. You will find 45km/h restricted easily I guess.
There are few unrestricted EVT controlers but they are difficult to reach. Other option is to replace the controler with a third party one (Alltrax, Kelly...) but will require a lot of work.


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