ebike (iacocca evmotors) that's been sitting a while...

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ebike (iacocca evmotors) that's been sitting a while...

hi, I have a 24v ebike (evmotors) with a rear hub drive...it has been sitting collecting dust for maybe 5 years and now doesn't seem to roll backwards...the batteries are long gone...the bike itself seems in great shape...it needs a new chain at most, but i'm not sure if i want to invest in new batteries to get it on the road...is this a common problem when the motors havent run for a while? and is it worth trying to fix?

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Re: ebike (iacocca evmotors) that's been sitting a while...

My guess the the motor got moisture and siezed. They are prone to rust as the motor is made of iron for it magnetic properties. At the same time if you live in a humid area, or were temped enough to wash the rear wheel, water will find it way and rust it out.
I have worked on a few of these motors and can help you diagnose it further.

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